We are now back to full face-to-face training at client site. We are also offering training by videoconferencing means, usually via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, if this is your preference. Click for more information about remote training.

Introductory Visio 365 TrainingIntroductory Visio 365 Training Courses

Our Introductory Visio 365 training course is a one day course for people new to Microsoft Visio.

Training is given at your site in Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire.

Aims of the course

This course aims to introduce the learner to using Visio 365 to create flow diagrams, basic organisation charts and network diagrams.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use the Visio drawing tools
  • Create basic Visio diagrams
  • Format drawings and diagrams
  • Create network, rack and brainstorming diagrams


This course assumes the students to have basic computing skills.

Previous familiarity with other Microsoft desktop products is an advantage.

Exploring Visio

  • Why use Visio?
  • Starting Microsoft Visio
  • Getting Started
  • Tabs and Ribbons
  • The Backstage
  • Customise the Ribbon
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Sheet Tabs
  • Save the file as a Picture
  • Close a File

Shapes and Stencils

  • Using Default Stencils
  • Open and Close Another Stencil
  • Searching for Shapes
  • The Document Stencil
  • Create a Custom Stencil
  • Add other Shapes to the Custom Stencil
  • Save and Open the Custom Stencil

Size, Align and Format Shapes

  • Selecting Shapes
  • Sizing Shapes
  • Rotate Shapes
  • Size and Rotate using the Size & Position Window
  • Navigate using the Pan & Zoom Window
  • Align Shapes
  • Distribute Shapes
  • Format Shapes
  • The Format Painter
  • Apply a Theme
  • Create a new Theme

Connecting, Snapping and Gluing

  • Connecting Shapes
  • The AutoConnect Tool
  • The Connector Tool
  • Automatically Connect Shapes
  • The Connect Shapes Tool
  • Controlling Snap and Glue

Adding Text

  • Adding Text to a Text Block
  • Moving a Text Block
  • Create a Free-Standing Text Block
  • Format Text

Create, Group and Order Shapes

  • Create Shapes
  • Order Shapes
  • Grouping Shapes
  • Removing and Adding to the Group
  • Containers

Page Setup

  • The Page Setup dialog box
  • The Print Setup tab
  • The Page Size tab
  • The Drawing Scale tab
  • The Page Properties tab
  • The Layout and Routing tab
  • The Shadows tab


  • Assigning and Creating Layers
  • Changing Layer Properties
  • Viewing and Printing of Layers

Common Specialty Drawings

  • Specialty Drawings
  • Floor Plans
  • Finding the Area of Rooms
  • Finding the Dimensions of Rooms
  • The Area and Perimeter Add-On
  • Organization Charts
  • Moving Members
  • Multiple Shapes, Change Position Type and Layout
  • Export to Excel
  • Cross Functional Flowchart
  • Brainstorming Diagrams
  • Timelines

Clients who have benefitted from our Microsoft Visio training include: