Microsoft Excel – changing font size in Slicer

If you are using slicers in Excel, and you try to go to the Home tab to change font size, you will find the options are all greyed out.

On the Slicer Tools Options tab, click the dropdown in the Slicer Styles section to open up the Slicer Styles Gallery and click New Slicer Style. The New Slicer Style dialog box will be displayed.

Slicer Settings dialog box

If required, give a name to the style you are creating in the Name box.

If you are likely to be creating more than one slicer and want all to have the same formatting, check the Set as default slicer style for this document.

You can then decide whether to change the font attributes for the whole slicer or specific elements of the slicer.

Click Format.  Select your required formatting then click OK. Now go to the Quick Styles dropdown and click Custom. Your chosen formatting will be applied to the filter.

Formatted slicer

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