Microsoft Word – Navigation pane

Microsoft Word has some great navigation and search features. When searching through a document, you can now see results as small snippets of text, as content in a whole page or by Headings in the Microsoft Word Navigation pane.
To Find Text

  • Click on the Home tab; in the Editing group click on the Find button.
  • The Navigation pane is displayed.
  • Enter the word or phrase to search for.

You have three ways of viewing the results in the Microsoft Word Navigation pane.

Browse the results from your current search Displays the paragraph containing the text
Browse the pages in your document Displays the pages containing the text
Browse the headings in your document Displays the text beneath the Heading styles

To move to a particular heading within the main document, click on it in the Navigation
The headings and subheadings are shown as a “tree” structure. Clicking on the small triangle to the left of a heading will reveal or collapse the subheadings within the heading.
To move sections in your document around , you can drag the headings in the Navigation pane.
To make a heading into a subheading, right-click on it, and click Demote.
To make a subheading into a heading, right-click on it and click Promote.
Other options available by right-clicking include adding headings, deleting headings, etc.

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