Intermediate Access 2010 Training Provisional Course Outline

Aims of the Intermediate Access 2010 training course

This course aims to give delegates a greater understanding of MS Access 2010.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course delegates will have improved their skills in using Microsoft Access 2010. They will be able to:

  • Use field properties for protection
  • Understand table relationships and referential integrity
  • Create multi-table queries
  • Use calculations in a query
  • Design custom entry forms
  • Design custom reports

The course is of one day’s duration.

How the course is run – This instructor-led course has a hands-on approach, with plenty of opportunity for delegates to practise the new skills they learn at the computer.

Pre-requisites – Familiarity with the Windows environment, and a basic knowledge of MS Access.

Provisional Course Outline

Displaying the Access 2010 database

  • The Navigation pane, customising the Navigation pane
  • Database display

Table design – fields

  • Applying and modifying data types such as text, memo, hyperlink, currency, date and time in a field
  • Understanding the consequences of modifying data types such as text, memo, hyperlink, currency, date and time in a field
  • Creating and editing a lookup in a field
  • Creating and editing a validation rule in a field
  • Creating and editing an input mask in a field
  • Applying and modifying default values in a field
  • Setting a mandatory field
  • Fields with multiple values

Table Relationships

  • Understanding the basis for creating a valid relationship
  • Creating a one-to-one or a one-to-many relationship between tables
  • Understanding and modifying a many-to-many relationship between tables
  • Applying inner, outer and self joins
  • Applying and using referential integrity
  • Applying automatic deletion of related records
  • Relating or joining data when designing records
  • Adding fields to tables
  • Field templates

Microsoft Access Query design

  • Grouping information in a query
  • Using a crosstab query
  • Using wildcards in a query
  • Using arithmetic and logical expressions in a query

Form design

  • Using bound and unbound controls